Purpose and Vision

The center cooperates with domestic and international institutions and industry, to carry out basic and applied research on the environment at the undergraduate and graduate levels at the university. Activities related to the development of the country, nationwide or wherever the service is required are carried out within the university by using science and technology.
The main objective of the center is to determine the environmental and life-threatening environmental problems in the TRNC, investigate and develop solution methods in accordance with the philosophy of sustainability through multi-component (interdisciplinary) approaches, and to ensure their implementation in local, national and international scale.
The center carries out various activities in order to promote and coordinate basic and applied research in environmental sciences and cooperate with similar institutions in Turkey and abroad. In addition to making scientific publications, and improving environmental awareness in society, the Center organizes various symposiums, congresses, conferences, seminars, summer schools, and courses.
The Environmental Research Center works to transfer the results of scientific research to technology, in order to benefit the country and humanity. For this purpose, the center provides cooperation with other institutions and organizations and also provides consultancy services on environmental issues. In addition, it promotes the environment and environmental health of the society through activities they organize so that people living in the society play an active role in the work done by the center.
The scientific studies at the Environmental Research Center are carried out in the environmental laboratories equipped with all the necessary equipment within the faculty of Engineering, at Cyprus International University.
Many pollutant ratios are determined in soil, water and gas samples obtained from environmental laboratories and efficient methods are developed for the removal of these pollutants.


Environmental Research Center
Assoc. Prof. Dr. İme Akanyeti
Tel: +90 392 671 11 11   Extension: 2451  
E-mail: center-cer@ciu.edu.tr