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Cyprus International University Library offers its users up-to-date and scientific information resources in different formats and environments. It pays a high degree of attention to the use, protection and development of these resources. All information sources, especially printed or electronic books and journals, can only be used within the framework of copyright and information services based on these sources can be maintained. These rights are protected by relevant regulations and laws within national and international borders. All copyright regulations and laws limit the use of copyrighted publications outside of copyright holders to some extent. Unauthorized copying, reproduction of copyrighted publications, automatic downloads, etc. means violating the legal rights of the copyright holder or affiliated rights holders. All copyright violations, whether intentional or unintentional, may be subject to heavy fines and sanctions by the copyright owner and/or intermediary institutions (publishers, content providers, etc.) on an individual and university basis.

All users of the Cyprus International University Library (academics, students, external individuals, etc.) are obliged to act in accordance with the laws, the principles determined in the university's policy and general academic ethics in all activities and transactions related to intellectual property and copyright. The Cyprus International University Library accepts as a rule of study and service that "the original or copy of any work, including textbooks, shall not be reproduced in any form or method outside the boundaries of intellectual property laws".


Citation Indexes and Networks
Database About Content
Scopus It is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed publications, used to monitor, analyze and visualize research together with bibliometric tools. The database has its own constantly growing collection of citations and publications.
Web of Science It allows you to access important publications related to your research area by regularly scanning science, social sciences, arts and humanities subject journals and conference proceedings. It links all related records by using reference information and subject relations in the studies of expert researchers producing publications in your research field. Used to monitor, analyze and visualize research together with bibliometric tools; It is an article extract and citation database of peer-reviewed publications. It is possible to access data such as citation analysis, journal citation index, author profile and impact factor and journal impact values on WoS. The database has its own constantly growing collection of citations and publications.
TR Dizin TR Index was created by ULAKBİM in order to enable researchers to access Turkish scientific content electronically. National scientific journals that make up the scope of the TR Index are selected by committees consisting of ULAKBİM TR Index experts, experts and academics in their respective fields, based on Journal Evaluation Criteria. It consists of journals on the basic subjects of science and social sciences, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, basic sciences, health sciences, veterinary, social and human sciences sub-topics. 1,641 journals, 500+ thousand full-text articles, 21,878 projects.
Mendeley It is an academic network that helps connect more than four million users in areas such as organizing research, collaborating with scientists, and discovering new content. The corporate version has 5 GB of personal and 100 GB of shared library space. The database has its own constantly growing collection of data and publications.
Database About Content
Annual Reviews It is a collection of journals that provides analysis of published articles in various disciplines. Annual Reviews consist of the world's most important compilation journals in the fields of life sciences, biomedical sciences, natural sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences and economics. There are 51 topics in total. 66 e-journals
CAB Direct (Common Wealth Agricultural Bureaux) It is a database of agriculture, applied life sciences, forestry, human nutrition, veterinary, medicine and environment. It contains the highest number of publications in agriculture and applied life sciences and has content since 1910. 9 million+ summary information, 130.000+ full text records, books, journals, papers
EBSCO - Academic Search Ultimate It is one of the world's most comprehensive multi-disciplinary databases. It contains the most valuable peer-reviewed full-text journals in the social and human sciences as well as in science, technology, engineering and more. Nearly 17,900 journals indexed with their abstracts, 11,900+ full-text journals (of which 8,700 are peer-reviewed)
EBSCO - Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective It is one of the main indexes in the field of life sciences and economic and administrative sciences, which indexes the publications of the period 1913-1983. In the database, environmental engineering, economics, electrical and electronic engineering, energy resources and research, finance, aerospace, industrial engineering, communication and information technologies, occupational health and safety, chemicals and pharmacy, mining engineering, accounting, nuclear energy and Includes primary publications on engineering, automotive engineering, marketing and sales, mergers, transportation, international trade and publishing, and more. 2.000+ publications, 4.5+ million records.
EBSCO - eBook Super Collection It is one of the most comprehensive interdisciplinary full-text e-book databases in the world in terms of both number and content without user limits. Database content by Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Sage, John Wiley etc. publishers and university publishers such as Harvard University Press, Cambridge University Press, MITPress, University of California Press. 582.770+ ebooks
EBSCO - GreenFile It is a multidisciplinary database about nature. It draws attention to the links between the environment and various disciplines such as agriculture, education, law and technology. 12.000+ records, 850.000+ record summaries
EBSCO - Central & Eastern European Academic Source This database, which contains the full texts of academic journals published in Central and Eastern European countries, is both multidisciplinary and includes publications in many different languages. Some of the subjects it covers: Literature, science, law, business and economics, library and information sciences, engineering, political science, sociology, history, medicine and health sciences, etc. 600+ full-text journals from 30+ countries
EBSCO - The Belt and Road Initiative Reference Source Some of the topics covered by this resource, compiled from the journals of Turkey, China, Romania, Russian Federation, Czechia, Pakistan, Iran, Lithuania and all countries connected are as follows; Science, geography, environment, economics and finance, law, internet and telecommunications, civil engineering, logistics, architecture, politics, sustainable development, agriculture, technology, trade, buildings.  Nearly 5,000 full-text magazines, 50+ newspapers and newsletters, 260+ reports
Elgaronline It includes e-books, guides, dictionaries and reference resources in the fields of law, economics, business administration, political and social sciences. 37 books
Emerald Premier eJournal Includes Emerald's eJournals Premier and Social Sciences eBooks packages. Subject areas are management, business, economics, education, engineering, information science and related subjects. 405 journals, 1.262 books
JSTOR Archive Journal Content It is an academic library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. It is a multidisciplinary resource that incorporates academic research covering over 70 disciplines. 3.938 journals, 2.154 reports
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses It offers access to PhDs and theses from around the world from 1637 to the present, available for download in PDF format. The database offers full-text coverage for most of the theses added since 1997 and strong retrospective full-text coverage for older graduate studies. It is a multidisciplinary database. 5.500.000 theses, 5.263 books
Springer Nature - Springer Link It includes full-text scientific journals with high impact value. Most publications are in English, but include a significant number of German publications. The entire journal collection can be accessed from volume 1 issue 1. Subject areas astronomy, nutrition, computer science, biomedical sciences, environmental sciences, geography, behavioral science, language, education, energy, philosophy, physics, law, statistics, business and economics, chemistry, materials, mathematics, architecture and design, engineering, social sciences, medicine and health sciences, life sciences, earth sciences. 2.283 journals
Taylor & Francis It is a collection of full-text journals in the social and human sciences, medicine and life sciences. Subject areas include humanities, information science, computer science, geography, environment, behavioral sciences, language and literature, dentistry, education, economics and finance, physical sciences, food and nutrition, fine arts, nursing, law, communication, mathematics and statistics, engineering and technology, museology and cultural heritage, health, field studies, politics and international relations, social sciences, sports, agriculture, medicine, tourism. 2.209 journals
Wiley Online Library Since 1997, it provides full-text access in science, social and medical subject areas. 363 Wiley journals are among the top 10 journals in their field. 1.732 journals
Overdrive It is a virtual library with a rich, up-to-date magazine collection, ebooks, and audiobooks. Users can make borrow-return with their library records. 20.428 e-book 15 audio book 5.268 magazine
MILDATA Military Big Data is a database that aims to create added value in all operations, diagnostics, identification, business development, international trade, education, research and decision-making processes by delivering high-volume and diverse information for land, sea and air platforms to its user with the highest level of accuracy and speed, along with country details."Mildata also provides inventory at the level of countries, regions and continents and by providing talent-based comparative analyses to its users, provides situational awareness of weapons/systems.


The countries
based on DELC (Duty, Enemy, Land, Current Forces) methodology information specific to areas of interest with reports prepared using on the presenting portal, representatives of the global defense industry
there is also a comprehensive portfolio that has been formed."
Medicine and Health Sciences
Database About Content
AccessPhysiotherapy Dedicated to physical therapy study, instruction, and practice only. It is updated regularly. Includes leading physical therapy textbooks, procedure and exercise videos, image galleries, and self-assessment tools. 3.500 journals, 400 reports
ClinicalKey It is a clinical information solution designed to help healthcare professionals and students find the right answers, always at the right time, through a comprehensive range of reliable content. ClinicalKey includes hundreds of medical and health science books and journals, as well as clinical monographs, producer videos, and drug monographs. 950+ books, 750+ journals, 1,200+ clinical monographs, 300+ procedural videos, 2,500+ drug monographs
DynaMed It is an evidence-based, point-of-care tool. Prepared by physicians for physicians, DynaMed provides fast, evidence-based and applicable answers to clinical questions that arise at the bedside. The most important 500 medical and health sciences journals are reviewed daily by the editors, and summaries are prepared with the most up-to-date evidence-based information on diseases and drugs, and presented as ready and reliable information. Daily data-content flow
EBSCO - MEDLINE It is a reference resource for the fields of medicine, health and life sciences. MEDLINE uses the medical subject terms MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) created by the National Library of Medicine. The number of archives goes back to 1809 using MeSH, which offers a hierarchical structure in the form of a tree diagram. 5,600+ PubMed journals, 25 million+ article summary
Springer Nature - Academic Journals Includes high-impact academic-oriented journals published by Springer Nature. Full-text access to journal issues covers the date range from 1997 to the present. Subject areas are health sciences, genetics, medical sciences, and pharmacology. 37 journals
Springer Nature - Nature Journals All It is the high-impact journal group at the heart of the Nature Publishing Group. Contains 46 journals with the phrase 'Nature' in their name. Full-text access to journal issues covers the date range from 2007 to the present. Subject areas are energy, health sciences, technology, life sciences. 46 journals
OVID Total Access Collection It provides fast and easy access to multi-specialty medical information packed with high-quality full-text medical resources. It has the highest quality clinical journals ranked according to impact factor in 15 different subject categories. 419 journals
ScienceDirect Freedom Collection Elsevier's leading peer-reviewed academic literature platform. Provides Elsevier's peer-reviewed full-text content in the fields of science, technology, and medicine. It covers a collection of 24 topic disciplines such as biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology, chemistry, clinical medicine, engineering and veterinary medicine. 2.265 journals
Technology and Engineering
Database About Content
IEEE Xplore Digital Library IEEE is one of the largest professional and technical organizations in the world. Antennas, circuits, optics, radiology, software, wireless networking, etc. It includes publications in almost all technology fields. 228 journals, 31.246 announcements, 5.791 Conference series, 4.526 standards
Business and Economics
Database About Content
EBSCO - Business Source Ultimate It is a complete research tool with its comprehensive full-text journal content as well as the many different document types it offers. Banking, labor economics, econometrics, economics, finance, economic development, economics, economic policy, economic theory, business and business management, financial economics, finance theory, accounting, marketing, international economics, production management, management information systems, management and organization, etc. are some of the areas covered. 40,000+ author profiles, 800+ books and monographs, 12,000+ case studies
EBSCO - Business Periodicals Index Retrospective It indexes academic and trade journals in its 70-year academic archive focused on business and business studies and includes the Industrial Arts Index (1913-1957) database. 1.000+ publications, 2.5 million+ articles
EBSCO - Regional Business News Complementary to Business Source Ultimate, this database offers U.S. and Canadian sources specifically. Offering more than 20 years of coverage, Regional Business News includes news from The Washington Post, PR Newswire US and other key sources. Full texts from over 100 local business publications 
EIKON EIKON, which includes simultaneous and retrospective price information, news, reports, analysis and forecasts related to FX, money, stock, bond, metal, energy and agricultural markets, is the world's most comprehensive, most reliable macroeconomic database and service package where you can access instant market data. Instant data flow
Educational Sciences
Database About Content
EBSCO - Education Index Retrospective Multicultural/ethnic education, language arts, religious education, computers in education, science and mathematics, librarianship etc. present peer-reviewed journals in many fields. The information sought in the archival literature can be easily found with today's keywords thanks to the updated subject headings. In addition, the original subject headings have been preserved in order to shed light on ancient history. 800+ publications, 850.000+ records
EBSCO - ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) It is one of the main databases for educational science literature and is the first reference source for all researchers working in this field. This database provides access to journals included in the Current Index of Journals in Education and Resources in Education Index. 1.6 million+ records, 631.000+ access to 631.000+ full text documents
EBSCO - Teacher Reference Center It is a free research database for teachers and is intended to assist professional educators. It provides indexing and abstracts for peer-reviewed journals in its content. 220+ peer-reviewed teacher journals
Similarity Detection Software
Database About Content
İ It is a domestic program produced in Turkey to determine the similarity rate in academic studies. It is an Internet-based similarity detection and reporting software specialized for detecting many types of plagiarism. You can perform the originality test of your work with in 3 steps. İ supports different file formats. Institutions that are members of the program can benefit from the system without any limitations in terms of both document type and the number of documents. The software has its own ever-increasing data-streaming collection.
iThenticate It enables academics to scan scientific study drafts and examine the originality of the content in the relevant document in detail. Uploaded documents are compared with documents in a large database. iThenticate does not save documents uploaded to the system; but results report etc in your user account. You can access the information again at any time. Every document uploaded to iThenticate is scanned in more than 17 billion web pages and archives, as well as publications-documents, newspapers, magazines, periodicals and books. Publishing partners include major publishers and platform developers such as CrossRef, Gale, Emerald, ABC-CLIO, SAGE Reference, Oxford UniversityPress, IEEE, Elsevier, Nature Publishing, Ovid, Taylor&Francis, PubMed, Pearson, McGrawHill, Wiley, and EBSCOhost. For use, it is necessary to register with an e-mail with the extension The software has its own ever-increasing publication-document collection.
Turnitin Student homework, presentation, course material, etc. It is used to determine the similarity rates of in-house outputs. It enables students to submit original work and detects possible plagiarism. The software has its own ever-increasing data-streaming collection.
Other Subject Areas (History, Art, Periodicals)
Database About Content
EBSCO - Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective This archival database is a reference source that sheds light on important scientific studies between 1913 and 1983, solutions to controversial issues, findings of innovators, and research on the development of technology. The database also includes the full Industrial Arts Index (1913-1957).    1,400+ periodicals, 3 million+ articles
EBSCO - Art Index Retrospective This archive collection covers many art-related topics, covering the period from 1929 to 1984. Presents art literature for more than half a century. It covers all topics related to art, from antiques to art history, from fashion design to landscape architecture, from painting to sculpture. 600+ magazines, 25,000+ book reviews
EBSCO - European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750 It is a comprehensive guide to printed records about America in Europe before 1750 on topics such as Britons in America, trade, exploration, Dutch in America, French in America, religions and beliefs in America, pirates, the slave trade. 32,000+ records
EBSCO - Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective It indexes important journals in different fields of humanities and social sciences and the content dates back to 1907. 1,200+ periodicals, 1,300,000+ records, 240,000+ book reviews
EBSCO - Library Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) With its content dating back to 1960, LISTA was prepared for research on libraries, information and records management, and information sciences. It indexes hundreds of journals as well as books and research reports with their abstracts. Some of the topics it covers are bibliometrics, information and document management, information literacy, cataloging, librarianship, use of online information resources, classification, and databases. 600+ magazines, previous issues of 120+ journals
EBSCO - MasterFILE Complete It is a popular full-text journal resource compiled from the world's leading publishers and contains resources on general interest areas. Additionally, it offers reference books and an extensive collection of images. It covers topics from business to health, from fitness and sports to recreation and entertainment, from science to cultural studies, and from education to fashion. 2.200+ journals, 870 reference books, 1.8 million images
EBSCO - MasterFILE Reference eBook Collection Complementary to MasterFILE Complete, this resource was created from electronic versions of reference books. The ebooks in this collection come from major publishing houses such as Abdo Publishing, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cornell University Press, Nomad Press, The University of North Carolina Press. Covers personal reference topics such as computers, science, biographies, finance, genetics, careers, architecture, fashion and design, health, art, travel, sports, and history. Close to 800 ebooks
EBSCO - Newspaper Source Plus Providing full-text content for important news around the world, this database contains millions of entries from newspapers, newsletters and news magazines. In addition, it contains texts of television and radio news and daily information from popular news sources. 1,200+ full-text newspapers, 130 newsletters, close to 80 million articles
EBSCO - Newswires Provides continuous, near real-time access to top world news from Associated Press, United Press International, PR Newswire, Xinhua, CNN Wire and Business Wire. Daily data-content flow
EBSCO - OpenDissertations It includes doctoral theses in American universities from 1902 to the present. It shows the original printed index as a full page image and can be searched by author name, title name, subject name and university name. 1.2 million+ doctoral theses
EBSCO - Web News Provides near real-time access to thousands of important news feeds from around the world. Last users can instantly access the full text of internet content by following the link in the registry. 14,000+ news feeds
GETEM The internet library project, designed by Boğaziçi University Technology and Education Laboratory for the Visually Impaired (GETEM), aims to provide access to information resources for the visually impaired. In addition to the visually impaired, this project also includes individuals who cannot make unlimited use of printed resources (paralyzed, dyslexic) due to other types of disability. 21,000+ audiobooks
Springer Nature - Palgrave Macmillan Journals It includes social science journals accessed through the SpringerLink platform, and full-text access to journal issues covers the date range from 1997 to the present. 46 journals

Open Access Databases

Open-access databases provide open information to all researchers. All open-access materials in these databases can be used by all researchers within the framework of academic honesty. In the presented list below, you can access the list of open-access databases which has been separated according to the subject and selected by our institution.

Course Resources
Database Content
Open Textbook Library Basic course resources
Khan Academy Basic course resources
Language Learning
Database Content
Learn Turkish Learning Turkish
LEOnetwork Learning English
E Learning French Learning French
Database Content
Open Library Multidisciplinary books
Hindawi Multidisciplinary books
Directory of Open Access Books (doab) Multidisciplinary books
Intech Open Multidisciplinary books
Internet Archive Multidisciplinary books
Planet e-book Multidisciplinary books
EUR-lex Law books
Database Content
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) Multidisciplinary journals
Dergi Park Multidisciplinary journals
Science Direct Multidisciplinary journals
 TR Dizin Multidisciplinary journals
Cell Press Journals of medical and health sciences
bioRxiv Life sciences preprint journals
CERN Document Server Physics journals
ChemSpider Chemistry journals
INIS – International Nuclear Information Systems Nuclear science journals
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Agriculture magazines
Social Science Research Network Social science journals
OP (Institute of Physics) Electronic Journals  Physics journals
American Institute of Physics (AIP Publishing) Physics journals
IGI Global Multidisciplinary journals
Knovel Engineering science journals and computation
 Nature Journals Online Scientific journals
ChemRxiv Chemistry journals
Core Multidisciplinary journals
Europeana European cultural accumulation magazines
 IMF Economic data journals
PubChem Chemistry journals
Semantic Scholar Multidisciplinary journals
Dimensions Multidisciplinary journals
Zenodo Multidisciplinary journals
Journal of Turkish Science Education (TUSED) Scientific journals
TürkMedline Health Sciences
Free Time
Database Content
Classic Cinema Online Movies
Open Culture Movies
Pera Museum Publications E-book
Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi Virtual exhibition