School of Foreign Languages

English Preparatory Program

Duration 1 Years
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About the Program

The main aim of the English Preparatory School is to enable students to gain competence in the target language and prepare them for education in English-medium departments. To this end, appropriate classroom environments have been established so that modern language teaching methods and techniques can be used, and face-to-face instruction and communication can be realized. The language education that takes place in these classes is further supported by technology laboratories. These laboratories, which are equipped with tools to improve listening, reading, and writing skills and to create an interactive atmosphere, are designed in a way that ensures each student is provided with a computer. In these laboratories, students not only use the interactive programs prepared by pioneering institutions, but they can also access any kind of information from these institutions via their websites.

English courses at the English Preparatory School aim to help enlarge vocabulary, create syntactically accurate sentences, organize discourse by merging sentences together appropriately, and develop target language communication skills.

In the English Preparatory School, target language instruction is planned carefully and the course levels are determined according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


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Students who do not have any international certificate as evidence of English Language competence with a passing score will take the CIU English proficiency exam on campus. Those who took the exam but couldn’t take the necessary grades to be placed in a university, or those who want to receive only English preparatory education can register for one year of English Preparatory School with a 50% scholarship. Candidate students who want to register with this status should complete the application process through the Application Portal (link will be added) with their high school diploma results. Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded a certified English Proficiency Certificate.


English Preparatory Education

In all programs whose medium of instruction is English, the student's language proficiency and skills are measured by the English Proficiency Exam. Students who have not achieved the required proficiency level are placed in groups according to their level and receive education accordingly. They participate in level exams during the academic year and those who successfully pass them are entitled to start their education in the academic program they registered for. Students who fail the exams at the end of the academic year or summer school repeat the English preparatory education for one more year.

The scholarships of the students enrolled in English undergraduate programs, including English preparatory education, are applied. The scholarship duration for students is one year in the preparatory program and for the duration of the education program in the department.

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Tuition with 50% scholarship for International students

English Preparatory School

€ 3.099,00

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